Logcakes & Tarts

Heading to a Christmas party, or just feeling excited to send some love this Christmas?

We’ve designed 2 Yule Logs for that purpose! Harmonious blend of flavours awaits.

Also as a special this year, a beautiful citrus tart will be available as well.

Gateau De Voyage (GDV)

Nesuto’s range of luxurious travel cakes, perfect for parties and gifts alike!

With re-designed seasonal classics such as Christmas Brandy Fruitcake, to enchanting flavours of Yuzu to Pistachio!

It’s a bold blend of both luxury beauty and gastronomy delight.

Cherir Sablés

Buttery slabs of goodness, that’s what our sables are known for. Crisps, delicious and cherir!

Our handmade range of sable cookies are wonderfully simple, yet blending aromatic elements for that extra magic!

Mix and match for that curated gift set this Christmas.