About Us

Chef Alicia Wong

Founder & Pastry Chef

A graduate from At-Sunrice GlobalChef Academy, Alicia has been in the kitchen making pastries professionally since 2010.

Coming from a humble background, Alicia stood firmly and went about her passionate journey, picking up new skills, techniques, as well as valuable experiences in a tough environment. 

1-year under the tutelage of Obolo where she built up her grit and resilience; 5-years in Capella hotel's pastry kitchen, where she developed and refined her skills as a pastry chef; and finally 1-year as Head Pastry Chef amongst the opening team of Plentyfull Restaurant, has taught Alicia various valuable skills on running a business; before Alicia made the big jump with the blessings of all her mentors and chefs, to start NESUTO SINGAPORE. 


Coming Home

Nesuto Singapore was designed and developed to be a brand where artisanal quality bakes are served in a cosy yet extravagant environment. It is meant to be comfortable, relaxing, and a place you would think fondly about, and just unknowingly want to be back! That's why we called our patisserie, Nesuto, which translates to Nest in Japanese. 

With strong influences of French pastry techniques and the use of premium imported ingredients, Chef Alicia wants to bring an experience that is usually only available in hotels or high-end restaurants, into a cafe setting, whereby anyone can enjoy an artisanal pastry!