Pineapple Tarts

A labour of love – Nesuto's first time launching these utterly addictive pineapple tarts, celebrating traditions!

With generous “less-sweet” fillings encrusted in a "melt in your mouth" buttery shell; amazing textures and aromas unfolds, unveiling nostalgia with creativity.


CNY Festive Cakes

Indulge in luxury with our Limited Edition Strawberry Shortcake, a masterpiece featuring sun-kissed Korean strawberries, rich vanilla mascarpone cream, and our renowned cotton sponge.


An exquisitely delicate cake – our Matcha Chestnut is special. A blissful balance of matcha’s earthy aromas intertwines with roasted candied chestnut! A rich and bitter-sweet finish lingers.

Gateau De Voyage (GDV)

Nesuto’s range of luxurious travel cakes, perfect for gatherings and gifts alike!

With our CNY favourite Yuzu Kumquat, to enchanting flavours of house-made Pistachio, it’s a treat.

A bold blend of both luxury beauty and gastronomy delight.

Cherir Sablés

Buttery slabs of goodness, that’s what our sables are known for. Crisps, delicious and cherir!

Our handmade range of sable cookies are wonderfully simple, yet blending aromatic elements for that extra magic!

Mix and match and keep your gatherings lively with treats adorning your tables!