What is the shelf life of Nesuto’s cakes?

All cake at Nesuto are made without preservatives, hence have a maximum shelf life of 3-days* from the date of delivery/collection.

* Do visually check the cake before consumption, as we don’t use preservatives; shelf-life is highly dependable on storage fridge (condition, temperature, moisture, etc.)

How do I store, or best store Nesuto’s cakes?

All products are recommended to be kept refrigerated ASAP upon receiving/collection.

Should there be leftovers after a party, it is best to transfer the balance cake into an air-tight container, and then stored in a refrigerator/chiller ASAP!

Why is my cake frozen?

As we partially blast-freeze* our freshly baked cakes before delivery (for optimum integrity and quality), allow the cake to de-frost in the refrigerator/chiller between 2-3 hours (recommended) OR 30 minutes at room temperature.

*Extreme quick freeze technology, that doesn’t change the freshness, texture, and quality of our product.

Is Nesuto’s cake freshly baked?

Yes, all our cakes are freshly baked!

Do note, Nesuto’s cakes uses only the finest quality of imported French butter and cream, also without additives and stabiliser ingredients, it is extremely fragile. We strive to prioritise quality and freshness for our customers enjoyment.

Additionally Nesuto’s cakes goes through a process of partial flash-freeze* before they are sent out for deliveries, to ensure optimum integrity and quality of the Nesuto’s cake is preserved during the delivery journey.

*Extreme quick freeze technology, that doesn’t change the freshness, texture, and quality of our product.

Why is there condensation on my cake?

Condensation is caused by temperature and/or moisture fluctuations of the environment; of refrigerator/chiller, room and/or humidity.

It is perfectly normal when condensation happened on the cake; it is still perfect for consumption!

How many slices can a whole cake serve?

16cm (~6.5 inch) Nesuto’s whole cake serves up to 6-8 pax* (recommended)

20cm (~8.0 inch) Nesuto’s whole cake serves up to 9-12pax* (recommended)

*It is subject to personal serving size preferences

Are the cakes Halal?

Nesuto Patisserie is not halal certified.

We don’t introduce pork and/or lard into our kitchen, and only fish gelatine is used for Nesuto’s cakes.

Is there gelatine inside the cakes?

Nesuto Patisserie uses only fish gelatine in our cakes.