Chocolate Hazelnut


Exclusive | 85% Abinao Dark Chocolate Mousse containing a rich & velvety hazelnut cremeux. The entremet sits on hazelnut chocolate tart. Finished with a dark chocolate glaze and dressed with cacao nibs.

Apricot Walnut


Exclusive | Light Apricot fruit mousse containing home-made walnut nougatine & apricot vanilla cremeux. The entremet sits on a cinnamon sable cookie. Topped off with a rosewater scented veil, speckled with gold leaves.

Aged Narcissus Tea


Exclusive | Aged Narcissus Tea Mousse, encasing a layer of blood orange compote & blood orange cremeux. The entremet sits on a thin crisp buttery smoked sable cookie. Topped off with a final touch of blood orange gelee and mexican tarragon flower.



Savor the harmony in Poire, where a luscious pear compote, infused with amaretto, nestles in a delicate vanilla mousse. The natural pear sweetness blends with amaretto's almond and apricot notes, creating a captivating play of flavors and textures from mousse to compote.

Queen Isapahan


Immerse yourself in the elegance of Queen Ispahan, paying tribute to Pierre Hermé. This heart-shaped entremet showcases Valrhona Inspiration's raspberry bavaroise enveloping a delicate lychee gelee and namelaka center, all perched on a raspberry sable.

Marron Cassis


Indulge in a delightful creation as cassis and apple compote intertwine with chestnut creme at its core. Encased in chestnut bavaroise on a brown sugar sable, this dessert achieves a harmonious blend of rich and subtle flavors, adorned with delicate chestnut vermicelli.

Citron Pistache


An exquisite creation where a luxurious pistachio custard is embraced by housemade pistachio praline, with a delicate almond sponge base. Enrobed in lemon white chocolate mousse and adorned with a pistachio "snow-cap" and candied lemons, it's a harmonious blend of roasted pistachio, citrus lemon, and rich chocolate.

Gateau De Voyage (GDV)

Peach & Vanilla

8.8 slice | 49 whole

Exclusive | An odyssey-inspired, exclusive flavour for Guerlain X Nesuto pop-up at ION. Vanilla cake baked with peach compote bits, dipped in white chocolate coating with almond nuts. Decorated with vanilla bean & a speck of edible gold leaf.

Uji Matcha

8.1 slice | 45 whole

A connoisseur’s matcha, with a slight astringency, followed by a gradual pleasant transition into a sweet nuttiness aftertaste that lingers in the mouth – This is a keeper for Matcha connoisseurs!

Christmas Brandy Fruitcake

9.5 slice | 53 whole

A fruity festivity and a much-needed loaf for every Christmas celebration!
Be intrigued, our Christmas Brandy Fruitcake is generously filled with dried and fresh fruit mixtures soaked with Brandy and aged to perfection for the jolly-good times.

Chocolate Noisette

8.8 slice | 49 whole

An utmost satisfaction with moist hazelnut brown butter sponge filled with a nutty crunch from the roasted hazelnut. Encased in a milk Chocolate coating for that extra luxury; this combination is truly divine and satisfying. 


Christmas Spice

3.85 single | 15.4 quartet set

Exclusive | Cinnamon infused ganache, made with Jivara 40% milk chocolate for crunch & texture. Filled with home-made gingerbread cookies, crunchy feuillitine wafers & dark chocolate.

Brown Butter Honey Walnut

3.85 single | 15.4 quartet set

Exclusive | Blond chocolate ganache made with dulcey chocolate, brown butter & sea salt. Layered with caramelized honey walnuts.

Blackcurrant Bali Sakanti 68%

3.85 single | 15.4 quartet set

Exclusive | Blackcurrant Pate de fruit, layered with Bali Sakanti 68% dark chocolate.

Passionfruit & Hazelnut

3.85 single | 15.4 quartet set

Ignite your senses with our Passionfruit & Hazelnut bonbon! A refreshing zingy-tangy passionfruit layer tastefully elevated with nuttiness. Be teleported to the tropics with its captivating yet playful flavour profile!

Smoked Dark Chocolate & Caramel

3.85 single | 15.4 quartet set

Deep and mysterious with a beckoning smokiness, our Smoked Dark Chocolate & Caramel bon bon is made to be unforgettable. A symphony of sweetness and smoky-notes that lingers to the end.

Earl Grey & Bergamot

3.85 single | 15.4 quartet set

Our Bergamot & Earl Grey bon bon exudes citrusy and aromatic notes, creating a beautiful mouthful! A calming floral citrus creation that we can’t wait for you to savour.

Sesame & Rum

3.85 single | 15.4 quartet set

Clothe in a sheen of deep elegance of black and white gradient on the outer shell, our Sesame Rum bon bon is looking sharp! Filled with Japanese goma ganache with hints of dark rum, a sublime combination that lingers.

Raspberry & Lime

3.85 single | 15.4 quartet set

A beautiful delicate hand-painted strokes covering, our Raspberry & Lime bon bon isn’t just pretty. Lip-smacking with splashes of citrus and zesty notes, it’s a mesmerising summer flavour.

Pistachio & Rose

3.85 single | 15.4 quartet set

Our Pistachio & Rose bon bon is extraordinarily delightful, where light floral grace meets the irresistible allure of roasty pistachio! Encased in a dark chocolate shell, the contrasting sweet-bitterness of the chocolate adds yet another flavour dimension.



Hibiscus Lemonade 7.9

Muscat White Tea 7.9

Hojicha Latte 8.3

Matcha Latte 8.3

Acqua Panna Still 3

San Pellegrino Sparkling Water 3


Japanese Genmaicha 6.9

Lemongrass & Blue Pea Flower 6.9

Lychee Oolong 6.9

White Muscat Tea 6.9

Earl Grey Blue Flower 6.9